What is a Paleo & Nourishing Food?

Paleo recipes are free of all grains, processed sugar, and often free of dairy. Nourishing food is whole and prepared in the methods use by thriving traditional cultures. Eating this way decreases inflammation from processed foods and helps your body heal by giving it the nutrition it craves.

My recipes have been created to fit a busy family schedule and to please the skeptical palates of my husband and our two kids.

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Easy, Hearty Chicken Soup for the Instant Pot

Cooler weather calls for soup, especially this chicken soup made in the Instant Pot! I came up with this after a perfect fall day in Apple Hill. And if you are not from the Roseville/Sacra...

Our most popular recipes

Paleo Apple Cranberry Pie

Sweet, lightly spiced, with a hint of tart make this Paleo Apple Cranberry Pie so bright and delicious tasting. This is a crumb topping pie with just a fruit bottom so it's quick to put together!...

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And because we want to help you to cook those recipes, I prepared some blends and mixes for you!


Hi! My name is Jenny and I am committed to cooking nourishing, healing food for my family that they'll love. And on Cozy Kitchen Cooking, I share tips, recipes, and tools, like my seasoning blends, to make healthy cooking easier and more fun for you! Welcome to the Cozy Kitchen, I'm glad you're here!
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